Governor bob mcdonnell thesis

He was appointed chairman of the Republican Governors Association RGA and the resulting increased national visibility is fueling speculation that McDonnell might be a strong vice-presidential running mate. But McDonnell comes with some baggage, most significantly his Masters thesis at Regent University, written under the direction of Reconstructionist Herb Titus. You can read the whole thing here.

Governor bob mcdonnell thesis

He spent four years of his early childhood in Germany when his father, a United States Air Force officer, was sent out on assignment. McDonnell's mother worked at Mount Vernon.

Governor bob mcdonnell thesis

Immediately following graduation, he served as a medical supply officer in the Governor bob mcdonnell thesis States Army for four years.

After leaving active duty inMcDonnell worked for the American Hospital Supply Corporation, primarily in the custom products regional division.

His career path shifted from business to law and public policy when he selected a joint degree program at Christian Broadcasting Network University now known as Regent University.

The oldest, Jeanine, served as a U. Army Signal Corps officer in Iraq. They also have a middle daughter Rachel who attended Virginia Tech and is planning to marry in He represented the 84th district in Virginia Beach.

Under the — power-sharing arrangement between House Republicans and Democratshe was Co-Chair of the Committee on the Chesapeake and its Tributaries in — He became Chair of the Courts of Justice Committee in InMcDonnell supported, and was a major co-sponsor of George Allen's initiative to abolish parole for those convicted of a felony.

Attorney General — [ edit ] Main article: He campaigned on issues including protecting children from sexual predators, drug enforcement, identity theft, gang violence, and terrorism. The first result showed him with a victory of votes, out of over 1.

Deeds filed for a recountwhich began on December 20, A court decision limited the recount to just recompiling vote totals instead of examining individual optically scanned ballots.

Tenure[ edit ] InMcDonnell "played a key role in early negotiations" on the transportation package that was the key issue of contention in the General Assembly. Virginia gubernatorial election, and Bob McDonnell gubernatorial campaign, McDonnell announced his candidacy for the Virginia gubernatorial election at American Legion's Boy's State of Virginiamaking him the seventh consecutive elected attorney general to run.

The statewide candidates, including McDonnell as governor, were selected at a Republican State convention rather than a primary. He did not favor standard exceptions on abortion in cases of rape and incest. After the Virginia Tech shooting inVirginia made this issue a top priority.

McDonnell wrote in his letter: I write to ask for your support in providing critical information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. He advocated a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

He later signed a bill that criminalized the use of synthetic cannabis. It was approved unanimously on both the house and the senate by both political parties. Transparency[ edit ] McDonnell criticized Governor Tim Kaine for not disclosing his full schedule, and for making out-of-state political appearances as Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

McDonnell stated, "The citizens must be certain that the governor is attending to the duties for which he was elected. The governor is Virginia's chief executive, and represents the commonwealth at all times.

The Compelling Issue of The Decade. The document explored the rise in the numbers of divorces and illegitimate birthsand examined public policies that may have contributed to that increase and proposed solutions.

Star power

It gained attention in the campaign because it outlined a point conservative agenda, including 10 points McDonnell pursued during his years in the General Assembly, according to press analysis. His campaign finance report for September 15,indicated that he had nearly 1, more new donors than the Deeds campaign had total donors, a total of 6, donors, and 4, of them were new.

His road-side billboard varied with geographic location, describing him as "Tidewater's Own," "Northern Virginia's Own" and "Fairfax's Own. Governor of Virginia[ edit ] McDonnell at his inauguration as Governor On January 16,McDonnell was inaugurated as the 71st governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, succeeding Kaine as governor.

In keeping with tradition, McDonnell signed executive orders after taking the oath. Instead of keeping with a year practice [74] by signing an executive order banning discrimination in state employment which he later signed on February 5McDonnell signed orders establishing a Commission on job creation and a Virginia Commission on Government Reform and Restructuring.

On May 7,McDonnell appointed Fred Malek to chair the member advisory commission on reforming state government created by one of his initial executive orders.

Sep 01,  · The Virginia governor's race ignited Monday over Republican Robert F. McDonnell's year-old graduate thesis: Democrats assailed him in . Bob McDonnell gubernatorial campaign, When the Washington Post released McDonnell's thesis from The McDonnell For Governor campaign printed a. A master’s thesis he wrote at Regent surfaced during his bid for governor, becoming a flash point in the race because it criticized working women and gay people as detrimental to society.

Sledd to Secretary of Commerce and Trade, but withdrew the nomination in the face of bipartisan opposition prompted by Sledd's refusal to give up paid outside corporate directorships.

McDonnell speaks with a U. Computer systems for nearly a third of the state's agencies were affected.When McDonnell ran for governor of Virginia in , the thesis was widely criticized for advocating family policies that would curtail the rights of women and .

Bob McDonnell, the Republican nominee for governor in Virginia, defended himself Monday after the Washington Post reported that his master’s degree thesis advocated a number of. Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell asks the U.S.

Supreme Court to rule that the gifts he took, and the favors he performed, were just politics as usual.

Governor bob mcdonnell thesis

Bob McDonnell; 71st Governor of Virginia; In office January 16, In his thesis, McDonnell wrote "government policy should favor married couples over Political party: Republican.

McDonnell's thesis. The Washington Post, A-1 and above the fold in the print edition, has this story today: '89 Thesis A Different Side of McDonnell. Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell asks the U.S.

Supreme Court to rule that the gifts he took, and the favors he performed, were just politics as usual.

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