How god does or doesnt exist from descrates and lockes point of view

Obviously the question is important. If there is a God to whom I owe allegiance, honor and respect, I would be a fool to ignore Him. If such a God does not exist, this will affect everything also — even more so if the Christian Bible correctly describes God.

How god does or doesnt exist from descrates and lockes point of view

A Christian Argument from Non-biblical SourcesMay 6, Probe founder, Jimmy Williams, looks at evidence for the existence of God from multiple, non-biblical sources.

The important apologetic discussion forms the foundation for a complete biblical understanding of God and His purposes. This article is also available in Spanish. Introduction Metaphysical Options Most will agree that the most basic, fundamental question concerning existence is not that nothing is here, but rather that something is here.

I am a part of some kind of reality. I possess a consciousness, an awareness that something is transpiring, unfolding, happening. And you and I are part of it. The reality borne out of our personal observation and experience is that we are participants in a space-time universe which is characterized by a series of events.

Or is something or someone which transcends this material universe responsible for bringing it into existence and us with it? All of these questions relate to the philosophical concept of metaphysics.

Webster defines it thusly: And at this basic, fundamental level of consideration we really are left with few options, or possible answers, to account for or explain the universe.

The three potential candidates are: Most reject this view, since the very idea defies rationality. This explanation to account for the universe is not widely held. A proponent of such a theory. Since any series of events is not eternal thus a contradictionthere is, therefore, an eternal, necessary something not identical to the space-time universe.

Both hold the premise that nothing exists beyond matter. Materialism therefore is atheistic by definition. This view, Theism, holds forth the assertion that Someone both transcends, and did create the material universe of which we are a part.

How god does or doesnt exist from descrates and lockes point of view

There are no other logical alternatives to explain the cosmos. Christians, of course, embrace this third view, along with all other theists, as the most reasonable explanation for what we find to be true of ourselves and of the world. Holding this view is not simply a statement of blind faith.

There are sound and rational reasons for preferring this view over the other two. Theism is therefore a reasonable idea. In fact it is more reasonable to believe that God exists than not to believe He exists.

These arguments, while not proving the existence of God, do nevertheless provide insights that may be used to show evidence of His existence. The Cosmological Argument This argument centers around the concept of causality.

Every event has a cause, and that includes the universe. It had a beginning. There was a time when it was not, and a time when it was: An infinite number of real parts of time, passing in succession and exhausted one after another, appears so evident a contradiction that no man, one should think, whose judgment is not corrupted, instead of being improved, by the sciences, would ever be able to admit it.In a remarkable feat of circular reasoning, Descartes basically concluded that a perfect God must exist, because he could imagine a perfect God, and the perfection of God wouldn’t allow God not to exist.

Stephen Hawking's New Book Proves God Doesn't Exist, Or Something. K. Adrian Chen. 09/02/10 PM rather than assuming there's an arbitrary point billion years ago when Someone.

Does God exist? No ratings yet. Posted by Michael Fackerell | Mar 8, For example, some people believe it is morally wrong to impose your point of view on someone else. Most people believe it is wrong to kill people because you don’t like the color of their skin.

He developed several arguments to illustrate this point. tell when he is awake and when he is dreaming. Moreover, if his senses can convey to him the heat of the fire when he does not really feel it, he can’t trust that the fire exists when he feels it in his waking life.

Likewise, in the Deceiving God and Evil Demon arguments. Mar 28,  · That, however, doesn't meant that God doesn't exist.

If God is the creator of all things, then He must have created evolution as the mechanism by which species can evolve to fill in gaps in the ecosystem as some species go extinct and/or the climate changes. Dec 17,  · The point of view is quite ridiculous, and worth a laugh, although the ideological-political establishment which has enshrined Locke and the Whigs as “natural law thinkers” readily.

How god does or doesnt exist from descrates and lockes point of view
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