Watch the blair witch project online

As a cheeky, clever stunt, it deserves it. Enjoying it fully might be a bit more difficult. Read in Source Radio Times October 05, Scary without being explicit, it's a s cinematic landmark, and best judged away from the hype.

Watch the blair witch project online

May 30, Format: Prime doesn't offer much in the way of quality contemporary horror, and I'd seen the original in the 90's, so I was curious about this movie. I figured at worst I could write a comically biting review after, as I've done for several other bad Prime horrors that were, in their own way, a joy to watch.

Watch the blair witch project online

In that way, I came away quite disappointed, as this movie provides almost no fodder for over-the-top, cinema-related vitriol: For context, I was 14 when I saw The Blair Witch Project, and with its groundbreaking found-footage approach, well-crafted accompanying early-net web mythology marketing campaign, and the impressionable nature of being a teenager "Idk.

People claim this offering is significantly worse than the original, that it's like any other boring found-footage copycat movie, and that it couldn't even meet even the most middling expectations.

The thing is, the original was a flawed movie that doesn't really stand the test of time, itself. Sure, it may be the pinnacle of this genre, but is that because it was good? Or just because it was first?

You see, I think it's not that copycat found-footage films can't live up to the standard set by the original Blair Witch, but rather that the genre itself is so severely limited in its storytelling capabilities that it's nearly impossible to make a movie in this style that features well-developed characters and a well-structured story, because the genre itself is designed to eschew the appearance of characters and stories.

So while I will admit that this story lacks in a few fundamental attributes that make a film a 4-star film for me, I'm willing to over-score this movie because I think it's actually as good as and scarier than the original, in that it did something that most other horror movies I consider "good" don't even do: Here's a few standout moments that I think offer higher quality creeps and scares than the original: Ditto the idea of tunneling through a root cellar while you flee from a crazy person who believes he's being commanded by a witch to kill you.

And that's where this movie gets its biggest wins: In that way, the witch is perhaps the least compelling part of this movie, and its 3D model representation that flashes across the screen several times is more confusing and demystifying than satisfying after the lengthy nearly decades of withholding.

So my abiding criticism here is that this may have been a better, more successful movie without the whole "Blair Witch" thing being tagged on it. I would even question if there need to be a paranormal element at all to make this movie work as a horror movie.

It might have been more effective here to play, as Kubrick does in The Shining, with the effects of a location's environment and mythology on its inhabitants, rather than with an actual paranormal happening.

Here's a few other ways this movie could have been better: Stuff Just Happens to the Characters -- Again, this is what the found-footage genre is, so I'm loath to criticize its practitioners for this, but its hard to establish stakes and motives and have your characters consequences be driven by their choices and actions when you're working in a medium that presents itself as reality.

What we miss here, and in all found-footage horrors, is a sense of personal arc for our protagonist character. I know they're not working with scripted dialog, but the characters resort to simply yelling -- no -- screaming one anothers' names way too much in this movie.

It becomes quickly grating.


The beginning is too fast, and the middle is too slow, but the last 30 minutes or so are pretty well-paced.

I could have used more characterization before the group trip and way less aimless mucking around between when the weird stuff starts and when we get to the witch house like maybe something could happen that offers the quest some direction or purpose even once things have gone all crazy.

Otherwise, this works for me as a more polished, updated version of the original. It doubles back on the story of the original in what could be a compelling way if the characters were more fleshed out and does as much with the found-footage concept as any other found-footage horror.

Don't let the bad reviews scare you off, especially if you've never seen the original. You might find this very creepy and fun.The Blair Witch Project R • Thriller, Horror • Movie • Three young filmmakers exploring an old legend find themselves lost and terrorized by an unknown entity in the Maryland woods.

The Blair Witch Project Watch Trailer A group of reckless students comes to Black Hills Forest in Maryland to find the secret surrounding the mysterious disappearance of the sister of a member of the group, named Heather.

The Blair Witch Project R • Thriller, Horror • Movie • Three young filmmakers exploring an old legend find themselves lost and terrorized by an unknown entity in the Maryland woods. ‎Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy The Blair Witch Project directed by Daniel Myrick for $ A group of tourists arrives in Burkittsville, Maryland after seeing The Blair Witch Project () to explore the mythology and phenomenon, only to come face to face with their own neuroses and possibly the witch herself.

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Watch the blair witch project online

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